About us

ASBAC OIB: 78075709494
The Association of Maritime Agents of Croatia was founded on April 15, 1992.

In October of that year, she became a member of the International Federation of Naval Agents of FONASBA, in a work she actively participates in.

The activity of the association of maritime agents extends to the entire Republic of Croatia.

The Association is a legal entity registered with the Ministry of Administration in which natural or legal persons active in the maritime agency profession can join. Membership is also open to foreign maritime agencies. The headquarters of the Association is in Rijeka, where it was founded. It currently has 24 members.

Some members have branches outside their seat.

The first task of the Association is to improve and coordinate the activities of maritime agents. Through the path of experts from its ranks, the Association actively participates in the state normative of the matter related to it.

The Association has its own Statute and Rules of Conduct. The bodies of the Association are the Assembly of All Members, the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, the President and the Secretary of the Association. The executive bodies shall be elected and the Secretary appointed by the Assembly. The Association has permanent and occasional Expert Committees. The standing committees are:

– Commercial Policy Committee
– Committee on National and International Relations and Treaties
– Committee on Membership and Relations between Agents
– Committee on Quality and Standardisation
– Containerization Committee

Association officials may be re-elected to the posts.