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The Association of Maritime Agents of Croatia was founded on April 15, 1992. In October of that year, she became a member of the International Federation of Naval Agents – FONASBA, in an actively participating work.

The activity of the association of maritime agents extends to the entire Republic of Croatia.

The Association is a legal entity registered with the Ministry of Administration in which natural or legal persons active in the maritime agency profession can join. Membership is also open to foreign maritime agencies. The headquarters of the Association is in Rijeka, where it was founded. It currently has 27 members. Some members have branches outside their seat. The first task of the Association is to improve and coordinate the activities of maritime agents. Through the path of experts from its ranks, the Association actively participates in the state normative of the matter related to it.

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Membership benefits

By joining UPAH, you become a member of the world-renowned International Association of Maritime Agents (FONASBA), of which UPAH has been a member since 15.4.1992.


UPAH represents its members in front of state administration bodies (MMPI, Customs Administrations, Ministry of Interior, port administrations, port authorities and all other border inspection services and other institutions)

Communication platform

With daily activities, UPAH fights for the interests of all its members and addresses the outstanding issues of the wider maritime and transport community
UPAH represents a communication platorma for all its members, bringing the latest legal changes and educational notices from maritime and transport activities, both from the World (membership in international organizations) and from Croatia

Cooperation with various organizations

UPAH cooperates with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (transport sector, shipping and maritime agents section, intermodal transport and logistics community), Intermodal Transport Cluster, Croatian Maritime Law Society, maritime faculties, media and works on educational programs and other maritime economy issues

Raising the standard of the profession

UPAH encourages raising the standards of the profession of naval agents by participating in the project “FONASBA QUALITY STANDARD” and “FONASBA YOUNG SHIPAGENT OR SHIPBROKER OF THE YEAR AWARD” and promotes its own project of the best agent award

The voice of shipping agents

UPAH is the voice of Croatian naval agents – together we are louder
By working together, we are one step closer to positive change for the benefit of the entire maritime community