As from 1 July 2004 according to IMO`s SOLAS ISPS Code requirements the vessels must report to Harbour
Master and Port Facility Security Officer (via Ship Agent) 48 hrs before ETA (or immediately on sailing in
case of shorter sea distance):

1. Vessel`s name
2. Vessel`s flag
3. IMO number
4. MMSI number
5. Vessel`s position at the moment of sending message
6. Port name and ETA
7. Confirmation that the vessel has valid or interim ISSC certificate, date when
certificate expire and name of issuing organization
8. Security level on board
9. Last 10 ports of call and security level in these ports
10. Special and additional measures taken in these 10 ports

Failing to comply may result in vessel`s delay or even prevention to enter the port.